Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bring the Rain- Mercy Me

Bring the Rain by Mercy Me. Powerful song and it has always brought me to tears. Just wanted to share this.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


At church, I was in prayer during communion. As I considered communion, and all that it represents, I prayed, 'how unworthy am I. I don't understand why You would give Your life to me....why You would do this for me.' Then Rowan stumbled, and her daddy scooped her up and comforted her. She fussed again and reached for me. As I held her, she snuggled close, peeked out, and smiled. And I heard, ' How could I not come for you, whatever it took. You comfort Rowan in her imperfection and weakness. How much more do I care for you....'

Thank you, Lord, for reminding me how You see me, as a baby, incapable of taking care of myself, stumbling, hurting.....needing my Daddy.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

not a good blogger....

I'm just not a good blogger. Seems like when I have the time to write, I have nothing to say. When I have something I want to say/show, I have no time.... so tell me, why do I try and keep up? Well, obviously, I don't. At randomly occuring God-ordained tmes, I actually make it on here and post about nothing at all. go figure.

Rowan is crawling... she's 5 months old. She also is pulling herself up to standing. I really hope she's not trying to beat Natasha's walking age of 9 months. Her dedication went well. I have awesome pictures thanks to Christine. I just have to load them... once again the not good blogger thing.... I also have a sweater for her almost done. I hate it. Everyone else seems to really like it, but I don't. Its just for use around the house to keep her warmer so I can keep the house cooler. Don't get me started on how much it costs to heat a home... God will provide.

Liberty & Noah- we're in full time potty training mode... I hate it. I really stink at it.... I wish it was done...

Jamie- he's been writing stories like nobody's fool. They may be only 1 page in length, but he's writing, on his own, and his stories follow a logical path to the conclusion. More than I can say for some adults.

Natasha- as a typical girl, is obcessed with horses. Enjoy. She's also working on knitting her own scarf, you go girl!

Michael- well, he's Michael! He is also enjoying writing stories, and being... well Michael. He has a zest for life I wish I had....

Projects- I have a pair of gloves on the needles for Jim, my MS3 is still waiting for my attention, I have 3 sets of sock yarn calling my name, I have 6 dresses cut out for the girls that need to be put together, diaper covers I really need to get sewn, not to mention Rowan needs more diapers, need to get them cut out and sewn.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Well, Rowan's dedication gown is done. I finished it last night. I'm really happy with how it turned out. I washed it today, layed it out to dry. Tomorrow is her dedication. I hope everything goes well. I have a friend taking pics, so I'll get them posted tomorrow or so.


Thursday, October 4, 2007


There is a lovely white cloud wafting it's way down my hallway. It is leaving a fine white dust on every surface, completely unbidden. A lovely fresh scent accompanies it on it's trip thru the house.

My baby powder container is empty........

Well, that's one way to make a room full of boys smell better......

Monday, October 1, 2007

moving right along

Rowan's gown is buzzing right along. I finished the stocknette skirt, decreased for the bodice, and got the right back of the bodice done, including the button facing. I'm now working on the left back of the bodice, which includes the buttonholes. It's turning out really nice. I'll be done thru the shoulders today. I hope to get the sleeve cast on today as well.

I wish all I had to do was knit today, but we're back to school this week. We start 'The Sign of the Beaver' today. I preread it two weeks ago, good book. I also need to call the Old West Museum to see how much it'll cost to take my children for a tour. Seems like an appropriate time.