Monday, December 31, 2007

Year end review

well, it's the end of 2007. I haven't been up to keeping up here the last few weeks. A cloud of depression has been hanging on. But, life will go on, and there's always tomorrow.

2007- the first half, wonderful. Third quarter, sucky. Last quarter, emotionally devastating.

Tomorrow starts a new year. Here's praying its a good one. But even if it's not, I stand in the knowledge that Christ Jesus is with me thru it all, the good, the sad, the difficult, the painful. A lot has gone on this year that I have not posted about, private struggles that I'm not comfortable sharing. But knowing that all things here will pass away, and that my future is in Heaven with God, I will keep plugging on.

Blessings and Hope to you all in the New Year.

Saturday, December 8, 2007


well, life here, as usual, is insanely busy. Today, I need to get bread baked, sew the sleeves of a sweater I made for Rowan, and pull the sleeves out of the mock up dress I'm working on. I'm making a wedding dress for a friend, and I have to adjust the sleeves to make them fit right. I sure hope it works. I ordered beads for it, and I need to find some ribbon so I can get working on the accents. I'm feeling a little bit of a time crunch because they are getting married in about 3 weeks. Now, this is no problem, except I know I'll be dodging down to NM because Jim's grandmother is dying of liver cancer.

I just had to say, how blessed I am to have Ingrid for a friend. Jim and I were out of town this week, and Ingrid kept all 5 of my younger children. She also made sure they got their schoolwork done. How sweet is that. She is truely a blessing.

Monday, December 3, 2007

sadness and loss

I lost my baby today. I was almost 7 weeks along.