Thursday, January 31, 2008

Custom Sewn wedding dress

Ok, so before the first of the year, I was working on a request from a friend. I offered to make her wedding dress. (yes, I'm insane...LOL ) The pattern she chose was wonderful, easy to make. Thsi was a fully lined a-line dress with princess seams. I think it turned out well, she loved it.
Pic heavy...
this stuff was like cutting a cloud. This is the material for the undersleeve. Beautiful, light, airy stuff.

under sleeve cut out.

This is the main sleeve/over sleeve. It was a long draping poet sleeve. Since the interior of the sleeve was visible, I lined it with the same material as the dress, not lining material.

These are obviously cutting out the pattern. I cut the two layers of satin and the two layers of lining at the same time. It saved my sanity...LOL Actually, it was easy, it was just faster to cut them out at the same time.

An in process shot...

Look at that train....

Finished!! Waiting for delivery. I finished it at about 2 am. The wedding was on New Years Day. (which also happens to be my Noah's birthday!)
This is a close up of the applique on the front. It uses cording, fire-polished Chech beads, and hemitite tube beads. I think it turned out pretty good!

A happy bride. (yes, I know the exposure is horrid, but I had to bump it way up... I took a lousy picture.)

Many years of happiness to you both!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

2008- new year.....

Well, we made it down to my MiL's home and had a great stay. I still have to unpack, then I get to update here tomorrow. The wedding went great, and the dress fit (YEA!!). So, I figure this is as good a place as any to post some goals for the new year.

1. Jim and I have given up all sodas and fries.... bummer... they're soooo yummy!
2. One of my big ones for the year. Jim and I are reading thru the Bible in a year. Our church gave out a simple dayplanner with daily readings on each day. We have made it thru our reading each day so far. each day is a step in the right direction.
3. get more consistant with my prayer life. I struggle with this as well. I talk to God most of the time. (He probably wishes I'd shut I really want a set aside prayer time, focused, just being with Him.

Guess I'll check back once a month with my progress on those. Hopefully I'll be more consistant on posting here. I'm starting to go thru a book I got, 'Grieving the Child You Never Met." So validating. I guess my biggest fear is that this son will be forgotton.... and I can't forget. I told Jim on the way home, I guess God called Ferne home so she could rock our baby.... works for me......

On with 2008!