Friday, February 22, 2008


Jim has a problem wrist. Well, there has been an new ortho doc at the VA here in town, and he's been seeing him. They've done a ct scan of his wrist. He's been having pain in his bicep, so they did an MRI of that, and he's been having shoulder pain. (all on the same arm). So, abuot 2-3 weeks ago, they wanted to do a 'procedure' on his wrist. We found out later, they were trying to eliminate the pain. They injected his wrist with some stuff, (he couldn't really tell me what), and it was supposed to help. Well, he went for a follow-up today. He is still in just as much pain as before. The doc said, well, you have two choices. Learn to live with the pain, or have a total wrist fusion. (sigh) Jim said, Guess I'll wait.

He also went to our Chiro this morning. Sweet girl, about my age, Jim says she has needles for fingers..LOL He was there about his shoulder. She poked, prodded, from his upper back down his arm. And she kep commenting, man! your' muscles are just tight knots!! (yeah they are...) She wants a try. She is not only a Chiro, but also an Accupuncturist. So, talking to Jim, we're going to give her a year to work on him, and see if there's any difference. She says she has had good results before. Our insurance covers both accupuncture and chiro, but they've been goofy on how they work, so we (dr, and us) are going to work on that.

Anyways, would you please pray that things get better for him? I mean, I know both he and I would love God to completely spontaniously heal him, but we would settle for steady improvement. He is always, always in pain. I long for him to not be.

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