Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Chocolate Pudding Cake

How completely and totally decadent is this?! This is the Chocolate Pudding Cake posted by my dear friend, Marye, on Baking Delights. You have to try this!! The fact that my oven doesn't work right now has been frustrating. It was so nice to be able to spoil my family with a homemade dessert. I can justify cooking meals in my roaster, but have shied away from anything else. (It's hard to get things in and out of my roaster without burning my hands....)

So satisfied that they totally dug in... I topped it with whipped cream, Jim wanted vanilla ice cream on top. You really have to try this recipe. If you are a chocoholic, then it is manditory. It starts off with the cake batter on bottom, and a hot water/chocolate on top. While it cooks, the cake moves to the top, and the liquid to the bottom to become this amazingly gooey, yummy chocolate pudding. It was insanely easy to make, Michael helped, but he could have easily done it himself. I cooked it in a 9" square glass cake pan. Apparently it wasn't big enough, because the pudding boiled over a bit (but wiped up easily with a paper towel). Not sure what size dish to cook this in next time, but there will definately be a next time!

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marye said...

So glad you liked it!