Monday, April 7, 2008

been down

yup, its been close to a month since I've written anything. Oh well. I've been really really down. As in I haven't even picked up my knitting needles or turned on my sewing machine for about a month. This years cycle of depression has been really really bad. One of those, it's a good thing I have kids to force me out of bed or I'd still be there cycles..... Hopefully it'll clear soon. I'm just not up to anything. We have 15 weeks of school left, but we're only going to take about a week break at that point. I'm hoping to get halfway thru the next set before the baby comes. I normally take from Thanksgiving thru New Years off, and I'm expecting to have little one the first or second week of Nov, so the timing would be perfect. I know what I'm doing with Michael and Natasha, I just really just don't know what to do with Jamie. He's reading at close to the same level with the older two, as in he's reading the same things as the others. But I don't think he's ready for core 4 in Sonlight. (we're doing core 3 this year.) bleh... I don't want to do core 3 with him again...I could back way back and do a combined core 1/2 with him, and just focus on language arts/ vocab building.. I just don't know. I also need to get Noah started on reading. I could purchase the pre-k core, but I really don't want to. We have plenty of books here for him. I just don't know what to do.... and I have about 10 weeks to figure it out.... ( holy mackeral!! I'll be half way thru my pg at that point!!!)

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