Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fun saturday

Today was a long fun day! We took off early this morning to drop the kids off with Ingrid, then headed for Denver. Now, normally I avoid that city like the plague... especially in my van, but this was a special trip! Twice a year we buy grain from Urban Homemaker during their grain sale. Well, today was pick up day!! We left town later than I expected, but the drive was mostly uneventful. There was one accident on the road, but it only slowed things down a little. Once we got down there, it's so much fun! Bags and buckets of grain everywhere, and all sorts of helping hands. When we got our order sorted out and loaded up, I counted just for fun. We had 830 lbs of grain in the van!! LOL Including 50 lbs of wheat that was a free gift that we hadn't expected!! God is generous!

After picking up our order, we still had a little more fun planned. Jim has never been to Casa Bonita! I can't believe in the years he lived down there or since we've been married, that he hadn't been! It was a blast!! It's this huge restaurant that serves not terribly authentic mexican food, but the atmosphere is amazing!! The interior of the restaurant is designed to look like a Spanish village in the evening! The ceiling is black, and there's lights hanging on 'trees' and in the porches and such. There is amazing entertainment in the form of puppet shows, gunfights, high divers (there's a huge waterfall that empties into a 40' deep pool!) and even a gorilla!! ( ok, so it's someone in a gorilla suit, but it's a blast none the less!) There's also mines and caves and even an arcade! it's a kick! The prices really weren't that bad, ($12.00 for an all you can eat dinner down to $5.00 for kids meals) We are defiately going to have to take the kids!

The drive home was long, we ended up having to pull over and take a half an hour nap, but it was nice to just hang out with dh for the day.... especially since he leaves tomorrow for a week....

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