Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Denver Zoo

Ugh... we are home... finally. I wish I could say it was a fun day.... ::sigh::: not really..

We drove down there, early, but none of the children went back to sleep. That may very well may have contributed to the day. The morning was exceptionally foggy. Now, in some places, that may be normal. Here in Wyoming, it's not. We got on the interstate and you could see about 75 ft in front of the van.... oh joy. Dh used to be a professional truck driver, so I trust his driving... it's all the other dingbats on the road that worry me. He told me it was supposed to clear and Denver was supposed to be sunny and warm.. but believe me, I was very doubtful it would. Well, he was right, and I was wrong. It started to lift at Wellington.. our first bathroom stop. By the time we made it to Longmont, it was nice and sunny.

We got there just as the zoo opened, and I'm thinking this is a good sign.... until I start noticing various groups of children in matching shirts start showing up. Not a good sign. I really don't like going to the zoo, library or parks when there are masses of children there. Oh well, such is life, and I'm not going to turn us around over that.

We get to the window, pay our $50 to get us all in (2 adults, 6 children, military discount) and dh begin to wonder what the cost is for a family membership pass. I tell him to go check it out real quick. He returns, and says, "they will credit our $50, and charge $30 for the year pass." I'm thinking, cool!! $30!! Not bad at all. So, he goes in, sets it all up, comes back and hands me the receipt for $50. I ask, where is the one showing the refund? There isn't one. Miscommunication, big time....:::sigh::: They didn't give us back 50, they added 30. So, now $80 later, we finally enter the zoo.... :::WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA::::::::::: ok, it's only money, and I guess we'll have to fill up and go back down to make up the difference.

So, now we're in, go change the baby, and we're off. I take pictures (love doing that) and we walk around. Ok, well, that was the plan. Notice nothing has gone according to our plan yet? The boys and Liberty are off like a shot. Now, if this had been a normal day, and half of Denver's elementry school and day care population hadn't been there, it would have been annoying, but not a huge deal. Since all those other children are there, keeping track of my kids becomes a nightmare.... ACK! Between Rowan screaming (she was not enjoying herself, for the most part), and the other four running off constantly, I was rapidly developing a headache.

I had taken the time last night to make 5 1/2 dozen muffins to take with us. Whole wheat apple muffins... they are very filling. Well, at this point, the children start plowing thru them. You'd think we hadn't fed them that morning!! So, they manage to go thru all the muffins I had, and the 6 apples I brought along. Ugh... So we decide to stop for lunch. I know this is going to bite me tomorrow, because it is highly doubtful that the Denver Zoo will be serving high quality foods containing no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors to their customers. I am going to pay for this lunch for the next 3 days.... oh well. Prices are expectanly high, so I get everyone a corn dog (something we haven't had since going on Feingold) and a couple of large french fries (something else we don't eat)to share. Everyone starts eating. Everyone, that is, except Natasha. She decides to throw a rare fit, and lie to me & dh. She says the corn dog sitting there is Michael's. Its not. Then she tries to say its Liberty's... nope. So, while everyone is enjoying a meal, I get to engage in the battle of, I got it for you, you will eat it. Would you believe it took her half an hour to eat that STUPID corn dog?! By the end of this, the boys are bouncing off the walls again, and, to top it all off, Liberty decided she didn't have to use the bathroom we took her to, 10 minutes earlier.... she'd wait and pee her pants in front of everyone!


That's it, we're done. Once Natasha was done eating, we hightail it out and head to the van... much to the dissappointment of the children. (bummer!!) We finally get to the van, get children loaded, and I realize, dh needs to pull the van out to get the wagon in. My lovely and darling dh already realized this, and was in the van, to back it up. Well, he comes around, and I mention he needs to back out, I can't get the wagon in. Then those lovely words everyone enjoys so much. "I'd love to, dear, but the battery is dead."

:::thud::: can I curl up into a sniveling, whining, crying ball? It's just not fair. My dh, being the safe and responsible driver that he is, had turned on the lights when we left the house because of the fog. Well, when we made it to Denver, he didn't realize they were still on. And since our van is ancient, it doesn't have 1. an ring/alarm/notice that your lights are on, or 2. the ability to turn off your lights automatically. So, we have a dead battery..... very very very dead. No click dead. No dome lights dead. Nothing.

Remember what I said about nothing going according to plan? yeah....

So, dh runs back to the zoo's security office. They bring over this little portable battery recharger. yeah, like that's going to work. So, we sit there, plugged into that for like half an hour. Meanwhile, said security dude is talking to his supervisor (which we can overhear, because it's on speaker) saying it's not working, what should he do. She say's, oh, it's probably not their battery, they should call AAA, they can call for a tow. Um Hello!!! All we need is a jump from a battery stronger than one required to run a golf cart!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dh finally gets them to agree to bring over a truck from the security office. So, while 2 security people stand there, another goes to get the truck. They start talking amongst themselves again... You know, if you are going to have a private conversation where you are trying to make someone feel stupid, you should at least do it out of earshot. It went something like this. "well, how are we going to jump them? you can't reach the battery" Dh says, I'm going to let the van roll out into the parking lot lane so you can reach it. um, DUH!!! So, we roll backwards, with the security guys white-faced panicked that we are going to hit a car.... It's been a long day, I'm trying to bite my lip... ARGH!!!

Security truck pulls up, we hook up our cables, let it run for a minute, and, whadoyaknow, it fired right up!!!! We were finally off and running, headed home.

it was a very very long day..... But, I got some good pictures. I'll share them tomorrow.

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