Monday, May 5, 2008


Startitis.... I have it, bad. For those of you who don't know, startitis is the annoying habit of starting another project before one is done. Well, in my case, before, like, 4 are done. :::sigh::: See, it all started when I was working on two socks on circs.... well, they didn't go fast enough for me, and I was designing them as I went, so they got put aside. Then, I finally get up the urge to finish my MS3 Swan Lake shawl.... and notice a hole in the wool about 50+ rows back.... can we say frog? :::sigh:::: so, now I don't want to work on it. So, instead of working on the MS3, or the 2 socks on circs, or even on the valentine sock that remains an orphan, I cast on a pi shawl, a la EZ. Then, a week later, while that's buzzing right along, we get to today. So, how is my pi shawl, you may ask? well, it's lonely.... see I cast on a baby jacket in cobweb weight a la Sharon Miller. So, that's what, like 5 projects in the works... and that doesn't count my lone Traveler's sock, that I stopped just after turned the heel.... namely because I turned the heel wrong, and I'm going to have to rip that out. So, I have startitis.... What's to be done? I dunno.... I currently have visions of casting on a fair isle sweater for my dh's twin infant cousins... luckily, I haven't the yarn or a pattern to do that. (of course, if there's any knitting enablers who would like to point to a pattern.... I won't complain! )

Startitis... I have it.... baaaaad.......

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Anonymous said...

Same problem at our house, so we dubbed this year the year of the UFO to try and force ourselves onward. Still starting new stuff but also finishing 1 thing first. Hugs, purlypig:)